How It Works

How It Works

With Contractor Charlie's digital marketing and SEO service for contractors, it's easier than you think to get your company's website noticed by customers. We have affordable packages available to you and here's how the process works.

Step 1- We’ll Make Your Website SEO Ready

Our contractor website design team will go over your website and make it SEO ready. If you need a new and mobile-friendly WordPress website, our design team can do that for you as well. Here’s what we’ll do for you:
Fix broken links
Remove duplicate content
Increase site speed
Fix Google indexing issues
Create sitemaps

Step 2 - We Manage The SEO on Your Website

While your new and improved website is being built, we create a customized SEO plan for your company. Our team will implement these contractor digital marketing strategies so that your business will gain traction.

Our SEO strategies include:

Customized content
Keyword optimization
Link Building
Install Google analytics
Optimize your Google Maps listing

Step 3 - Our Team Writes Blog Content That Generates Visitors

In addition to our contractor website design services, every month we will add new pages of content to your website. The more content on your site, the better the chances of your customers finding you. Our writing team will provide you with good research blog posts that will interest your customers.

Step 4 - Our Digital Marketing Team Writes "Areas Served" Pages That Attract Local Customers

Our contractor digital marketing team will write customized content specific to your business and services for each city that you serve. This SEO service for small business tactic allows us to target local keywords to the areas that you serve and the services you provide. You will have a better chance of coming up in search results when one of your potential customers searches for your services near them.

Step 5 - You Get More Inquiries and Calls From New Customers

With our specialized contractor website design and the right SEO strategy, you will become more visible through organic searches. Organic search traffic causes you to show up on the first page of search results when your customers are looking for you. We back our services up. If your site doesn’t rank for more keywords and your overall site position doesn’t increase, we’ll refund your money for that month.